Better Your Odds Business and IT Consulting (Pty) Ltd. is a Software Developer and IT Advisory and Consulting provider.

We have been supporting customers since 2004, producing hand-coded custom software; providing insight and advice on the deployment of IT as a business tool and delivering business consulting projects. Weve excelled particularly where IT is involved or where we can apply computing know-how effectively to achieve an objective (read: We know how to use computers to help us get what we want!).

During this time we have gained experience and know-how across industries (financial, distribution, marketing, legal, NGO, ICT); technologies (COBOL [yes! Its true], HTML, CSS, PHP, VB.NET, SQL Server, MySQL, APACHE, Windows, Linux); and a great many business disciplines (modelling, funding, operating, monitoring, evaluating). This has fed into our in-house business and IT consulting capability and these direct experiences at the coal-face have proven to add real value to clients. Our secret weapon is common sense.

We strive to demystify business and IT for the average business owner, so that informed decisions can be made. We do this by conveying information, recommendations and alternatives in a comprehensible, easy-to-understand manner using language you can understand (read: Well use straight talk to give you the low-down in order to better your odds of reaching your goals!). For those who are less-interested in the journey, we will execute projects to give you the outcomes you want. Whether its formulating a model in MS Excel for your new business venture (we will not criticise your attempt promise!); working out a way to get all the bits of information into one place so that you can actually use it; or looking at business processes; or developing custom software because there isnt something out there in the wild that suits your needs or persuasion - Were game! We promise to apply our minds and provide you with considered solutions that best suit your needs.

We extend an invitation to you to speak to us about software needs in your office, on the web, on a device.